Thursday, October 30, 2014

I can't even laugh at this debacle

last nights game was so revealing and honest on so many levels Knicks fans can't have anything but hope for the future.

So, a triangle has only three sides?!?
Finally you now can admit to yourselves that this entire team including Carmelo Anthony are made up of isolation basketball players. That is their skill set and how their motor skills are set. No new system or philosophy on life is going to change that.

This season is strictly for the benefit of Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson to learn their new positions.

The Knicks are not going to even make the playoffs this season so its best you stop torturing yourselves now.

The hope of the Knicks fan is in the future. Specifically what players Phil can acquire after the expiring contracts clean out the locker room.

I will save the witty jokes about JR Smith's inability to handle a Pythagorean theorem latter this season, I promise.

Last night was so disgusting I can't even laugh at this debacle.

Knicks lose again, Bulls 104 - Knicks 80

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