Friday, December 26, 2014

No fight in'em

I needed to wait until I actually saw yesterday's game against the Wizards before writing a post. It's only fair that I suffer with the rest of you if I am going to be so critical right?!?

Well, I got to see the condensed version of the game on NBA Rewind which the NBA saw fit to censor the skirmish between John Wall and Quincy Acy. As if the entire world had no idea that the shoving took place but whatever.

It was funny watching John Wall abuse Jose Calderon.

The same Jose Calderon who went back and forth last year from back up point on the Mavericks to third string, the position Raymond Felton now holds with the Mavs at half the price and four years younger.

The zen master gave Felton no compassion or benefit of redemption after Felton went through a season of physical pain from a leg injury and mental anguish when his no good wife left him.

This same she devil delivered a weapon that Raymond owned legally in South Carolina to a precinct in New York City claiming that Raymond brought the pistol to New York illegally getting him in to the trouble that Jackson had to run him off the team over. 

Jose Calderon is here because Phil Jackson's knee jerk reaction to get rid of the bad vibe on the team went against all basket ball logic.

Calderon was brought here under the guise of being better to run the triangle offense which the Knicks have now completely abandoned.

Along with Felton, Tyson Chandler was also shipped off the Dallas to get the balance of the locker room back in order and Chandler is again having an all star season. You can't make this stuff up.

In order to catch the Wall vs. Acy skirmish I had to run the entire game and fast forward to the last few minutes of the fourth quarter.

Acy fouled him hard and Wall jumped up as if he wanted a piece. However when he saw and felt the fury of Acy he quickly sought the help of his teammates and refs. Acy got the help of none of his teammates during the raucous.

After the fighting was over Anthony did walk Acy down the court talking to him but he wanted nothing to do with that fight. Like all the Knicks who wanted nothing to do with fighting on court all season.

Knicks lose again, Washington 102 - Knicks 91


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