Monday, June 9, 2014

Whoopty Damn Do

Derek Fisher has just been named the head coach of the New York Knicks.

Early reports are five years at five million dollars per year.

Now the interwebs are all abuzz with Knicks fans wondering what this will mean if Carmelo Anthony stays or goes.

Relax guys as I explain this pretty easily.

Your fucking team sucks, you have no draft picks and few players that anyone wants to trade for which means whether or not Anthony stays your season is going to suck, AGAIN.

Three seasoned head coaches couldn't get Carmelo Anthony to move without the basketball what in the hell makes you think that Anthony will now with an unproven and brand spanking new head coach? Are you that delusional?

If Melo does opt out will the triangle offense resurrect Amare' Stoudemire's game and make the Knicks a winning ball club?

Who is going to play point on your new triangulated team? Old man Prigioni? Raymond Felton who might be in jail?

Wow Derek Fisher is the new head coach, whoopty damn do.

The only thing that could help everyone would be for the Knicks to determine a salary that the Bulls or Golden State is willing to pay Anthony and do a sign and trade for picks and cash. Yeah, the same kind of deal that fucked the Knicks in the first place.

We know that will never happen so look for more seasons of losing to come with your new little head coach.

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