Monday, June 23, 2014

Good luck Raymond and stay out of trouble

According to today's New York Times Raymond Felton has been given a deal to pay a $5000 fine and serve 500 hours of community service with no jail time in return for a guilty plea to his illegal weapon possession charge.

As many of the regular readers know I begged Raymond in a previous post to force the District Attorney's hand and not plea to anything. Hopefully forcing the burden of proof on the state of New York so hard that they either drop the case or offer a none jail deal.

I highly doubt that his lawyer took my advice but the outcome is the same. No jail time for Raymond, he can get rid of that rat of an ex-wife of his and now focus on getting in shape for the next team he gets to play for since Phil Jackson was so hell bent on getting rid of him that he announced his desires to trade Raymond the day after Steve Kerr told him to take his coaching job and shove it.

Raymond can't guard the statue of liberty but neither can Prigioni however, the city is not clamoring for Jackson to get rid of the old Argentinian. I wonder what that's about?!?

Raymond clearly had more on his mind last season than dealing with the band of misfits called the Knicks and had a so so season.

Good luck Raymond and stay out of trouble.

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