Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Carmelo's heroics

Knicks fans you have got it twisted and I now see that you are part of the problem with this team.

You idiots actually are arguing the greatness of Carmelo Anthony because not a single Knick scored more than the 14 points he got when he left the game in the second quarter.

You people are too blind to see that the reason why the game was as close as it was going into the fourth quarter was because not a single player scored more than Anthony.

The ball moved, the players themselves moved and they actually played solid team basketball. Had Anthony remained in the game they would have spent the evening in Houston standing around waiting for Carmelo's heroics.

Because there was no Anthony everyone had to be involved in the scoring. The reason why the Knicks lost was poor interior defense in the final quarter and some blatant cheating by the referees.

Anthony being on the floor the entire game would have prevented none of that. The Knicks would have still lost but minus Anthony however, they worked as a unit and actually had a chance to win.

Who the hell cares about one guy scoring the most points?!? That is the same reasoning that created this sucky team when Dolan gave up everything to bring Anthony here.

Now the arthritic Anthony has back spasms to deal with weeks after he got 100 million dollars out of Dolan. Great signing Phil you sir are a genius.

Knicks lose again, Rockets 91 - Knicks 86

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