Sunday, January 29, 2012

This shit is pathetic

This fucking team sucks so hard it really gets tiring sometimes writing the same post. Even good natured Tyson Chandler couldn't refrain from getting a technical foul out of frustration of the ineptitude of his team and coaching last night in their loss to the Rockets.

The biggest mistake of the Donnie Walsh regime is still haunting this team. It was Donnie who insisted upon drafting tween-er guards who were never point guards at their cores. It takes a special mindset that derives pleasure from putting his teammates in position to score and only looks for a shot when the defense breaks down or the shot clock is running out.

That description doesn't apply to Douglas or Shumpert and probably never will and the free agent point guards they did bring in are all over the hill they can only play limited minutes or are too injured to play.

And this morning I see rumors of the Knicks looking into Kenyon Martin or maybe Jose Calderon and the Sixers have inquired about Amare Stoudemire. One thing is a fact, this shit is pathetic.

The Knicks Lose Again, Houston 97 - Knicks 84

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