Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let the booing continue.

Last night the Knicks lost to a team named after a cub scout badge.The Charlotte Bobcats, after losing to Cleveland the night before, knew they'd have easy pickin's when they came into the Garden.

Despite the fact that Boris Diaw looks as if he ate his way through Europe during the lockout he was swift and motivated enough to look like Olajuwon as he dusted Amare Stoudamire on the way to a win last night.

It looks as if this team goes on the court and waits for the superstar fairy dust to kick in and then are surprised that other teams dare make shots against them. Well guys get used to it because you haven't done a damn thing to earn anyone's respect. Not from other teams and certainly not from your fans.

Hey, Mike Woodson, would you mind telling the players that they need to box the hell out when a shoot goes in the air?

Right now, I'd take Nate Robinson over Landry Fields and Toney Douglas put together.

Let the booing continue.

The Knicks Lose Again, Bobcats 118 - Knicks 110

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