Friday, March 9, 2012

Asinine Tomfoolery

Tonight the Knicks faced the Milwaukee Bucks and quite frankly both of these sorry teams play almost zero defense and acted like neither wanted to win.

The game came down to the wire and the combination of not boxing out, having no interior defense whatsoever and Carmelo and Novack missing big shots resulted in the Knicks loss.

You know I really had to laugh hard several times tonight.

The Knicks had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of forwards on the floor tonight and neither one of them is capable of boxing out when a shot is in the air. The same crime Jeremy Lin is guilty of also but theirs are more egregious because they are forwards and often around the rim on both sides of the floor. Pure comedy.

Milwaukee got easy put backs all night, the final dagger coming after Lin played rather inspired defense on Brandon Jennings forcing him to toss up a wild shot that should have easily been rebounded by a Knick but since Carmelo wouldn't know a box out if it stole his chicken McNuggets some scrub on the Bucks caught the ball and made a shot putting the Bucks up for good.

You Carmelo apologists please continue to make excuses for him, I just don't get it. I even heard one idiot last week mention Melo in the same breath with Kobe when comparing the number of shots taken as if Melo has one championship ring let alone the four that Kobe has.

When Marshmelo has the hardware he can toss up as many wild shots he wants. For someone who only got to the NBA finals with a ticket like everybody else the Kobe comparisons are pure asinine tomfoolery. But Melo got his points and that's all that matters to the "basketball expert" writers.

The Knicks Lose Again, Bucks 119 - Knicks 114

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