Saturday, January 21, 2012

Knicks are nothing more than hype

The battle of the two worse sub .500 teams took place last night in Madison Square Garden and the Bucks, who hadn't won a road game all year, came out the victors.

Playing with no sense of urgency or realization that they are truly a poor basketball team the Knicks were taken advantage of by the Milwaukee Bucks who took it to the Knicks in the second half to once again prove that Carmelo Anthony and this cast of characters are nothing more than hype.

Every team in the NBA feels that the New York Knicks get all the publicity and notoriety it does simply because they play in New York City and are motivated to whip them in the Garden every chance they get. For the better teams it is a chance to appear the bigger bully for the lesser teams beating the Knicks is their playoff and championship game. Unfortunately Mike D'Antoni and the Knicks players don't seem to grasp this fact and begin games with a sense of urgency and importance. The rest of the league is happy to take advantage of them.

Last night when it became apparent that the Knicks were going to lose again Carmelo Anthony showed a new low in class by fouling and mouthing off to Brandon Jennings resulting in his second technical foul which got him tossed from the game in the fourth quarter. I think he didn't want to be on the court to hear the boos after the final buzzer sounded and purposely got tossed.What a leader.

Can someone explain to me in what way Carmelo Anthony is better than Zach Randolph? That's what I thought, nothing but hype.

Tonight the Knicks play the Denver Nuggets and will face Danillo Galinari and Timofey Mozgov and if you are a Knicks fan prepare for another whupping.

The Knicks Lose Again Bucks 100 - Knicks 86

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