Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Undisciplined Knucklehead

Sorry for the delay with this post. I got some much needed sleep today and didn't wake up until the third quarter of the Knicks - Sixers game began so I had to watch the entire game after it ended.

Well, this game was another example of this team sleepwalking through the first half which I pointed out in several previous posts. It seems that every team in the NBA is interested in putting on a good show on Sundays in Madison Square Garden except the Knicks. These guys are rarely fired up and aggressive from the opening tap at home. That is on the coach. For whatever reason D'Antoni can't get these guys motivated to play for him and that is the kiss of death for any coach and his genius system.

I actually think that it would be best for the Knicks to not make the playoffs. I think that is the only thing that would force this organization to make the tough decisions necessary to turn this team around because they wouldn't be able to hide behind some fake success that a low seed in the playoffs could be argued to represent.

Amare and Carmelo cannot play on the same team. They can talk all the crap they want publicly but this was a terrible mistake forced upon D'Antoni. The bad part for D'Antoni is that Dolan made up his mind who this franchise will be centered around for the next five years by bringing Marshmelo here so Mikey and Amare both need to move on.

Now I know what you are thinking, you feel that the Knicks couldn't possibly trade Amare because he can't get his contract insured because of his knees. Well Cablevision has more money than god. I am sure a corporate bond could be put up as "insurance" on Amare finishing his current contract if they really wanted to get creative so a trade could be done.

Can someone tell me why the Knicks signed JR Smith? As if this team needed another undisciplined knucklehead who is also out of control on the floor. I heard that D'Antoni didn't know anything about Smith joining the team until Dolan him told after Smith had been signed. That's right Dolan told him, not the acting GM, whatchumacallit. I would loved to have seen the look on Mikey's face.

The Knicks Lose Again, Sixers 106 - Knicks 94

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