Saturday, January 21, 2012

This is going to be one extremely long abbreviated season

Some people will mistakenly point to Carmelo Anthony's late wild makes as the heroics that got the Knicks into over time. But this is just folly by those wanting to make excuses for Anthony. Had the Knicks maintained the good ball movement of the first three quarters, which made for the entire team contributing to the lead, this game would never have gone into over time to begin with.

While Carmelo Anthony sat on the bench after his poor shooting in the first half Landry Fields and Amare Stoudemire looked like their former selves before the Anthony trade. They attacked the rim, made their shots, ran the floor and played solid defense but that wasn't enough for D'Antoni.

Instead of keeping Carmelo on the bench and splitting his time between Walker and Harrelson D'Antoni inserted Anthony back into the line up in the fourth quarter and then the ball stopped moving, guys stopped moving and the offense had to go through Carmelo. Stoudemire didn't even get a chance to attempt a shot in the fourth period and first over time when all night the Nuggets had no answer for him.

The Knicks have now lost six in a row to poor and mediocre teams and there is nothing to give any hope that things will get better because Carmelo refuses to play team basketball and no one can seem to convince him to or force him to. They couldn't in Denver and they Can't do it in NYC.

This is going to be one extremely long abbreviated season for the Knicks fans.

The Knicks Lose Again, Nuggets 119 - Knicks 114

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