Saturday, November 17, 2012

The NBA needs to investigate

The first half of the Knicks - Grizzlies game was a physical, close and hard contested match. It did get a little chippy towards the end of the second quarter when Bayless and JR Smith got into a little pushing match but nothing that wasn't expected with the hard natured play of the quarter.

However, coming out of half time this punk crew of referees decided that such physical play was no longer tolerated but only on the part of the Knicks.

I would love to attack the Knicks for giving up or not caring but the refs were hell bent on making sure that the Knicks big men including Anthony got into foul trouble to ensure a win by Memphis.

Yes I said it the fucking refs were dirty and gave Memphis the game.

Now it didn't help that the Knicks couldn't make a three ball and got very frustrated and boisterous and began collecting technical fouls but when you aren't allowed to play defense when the other team can push you around you simply don't have a chance.

The Knicks fought valiantly in the fourth quarter to take what was a 21 point lead down to 10 points behind Memphis but the hole that the officials dug for them was much too deep to climb out of.

I am sure that before the road trip the Knicks would have been more than happy to take a split and fully expecting the winning streak to be over but when the referees are clearly cheating I don't blame them for being pissed off.

I am no longer a Knicks fan and would have enjoyed watching them lose but not by cheating, not poor officiating mind you but referees cheating to the point where I think the NBA needs to investigate that crew.

Knicks lose again, Memphis 105 - Knicks 95

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