Friday, November 23, 2012

You can put money on it

After talking all that shit about how much better the team is minus Jeremy Lin and that Felton is so much better it seems that the Knicks were nothing but sound effects.

The Houston Rockets were able to look like the most dominant team in the west the way they were able to get layup after layup and dunk after dunk on the Knicks who were manhandled in the paint.

The Rockets shot 52% from the floor and scored their highest point total of the year.

Even Toney Douglas hit shots tonight and he's not even a professional basketball player.

It might be time for Woodson to pull a Bill Belichick and stop these guys from talking to the press and let their play speak for them. They are going to look rather foolish when they fall back to .500 and they will, you can put money on it.

I know that Woodson can't wait for the return of Amare and Schumpert because both were sorely needed tonight.

Knicks Lose Again,  Houston 131 - Knicks 103

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