Friday, March 30, 2012

Some chump named Willie Green

The Knicks only have themselves to blame for this loss. Although the Hawks did play as if they had a point to prove against their old coach Mike Woodson especially Larry Drew who politicked behind Woodson's back to ownership that he was the man to turn the team around expediting Woodson's firing. Or so the rumor mill goes.

The team did themselves in from the free throw line shooting only about 65% and then with desperate and sometimes mental lapses on defense in the final few minutes the Knicks allowed some chump named Willie Green to hit tear drops and three pointers sealing the Knicks fate for good.

Without Lin and Amare each man has to step up and take easy points when given to them. This team must not squander free throw opportunities like this down the stretch or they'll never get anywhere.

Should I order a pizza or should I go to bed? I think I'll go to bed and save the pizza money for Saturday night's Pimm's Cup party in my living room.

The Knicks Lose Again, Hawks 100 - Knicks 90

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