Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stick to the plan

This season has been a very nice start for the Knicks. Woodson had them playing selflessly on offense, hard nosed defense and good ball protection.

Even Carmelo Anthony realized early on in a couple of games this season that being a ball hog was not the best strategy to win but that wasn't the case tonight.

Anthony fell back into his old bad habits of forcing up bad shots, turning the ball over himself seven times and forgetting to play help defense.

It really is not anymore complicated than that but hopefully Carmelo and the gang will remember every night the formula for success they began the season with and not get caught up in allowing overbearing personalities on the team or on the opponent's to get them out of it.

This team will be as successful as they are disciplined and stick to the plan. We shall see.

Knicks Lose Again, Dallas 114 - Knicks 111

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