Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Knicks are not winners

There are no moral victories Knicks fans. Your team is very young as doesn't know how to win. 

Yes they don't have another "superstar" to go along with Julius Randle, however for two nights in a row they played playoff teams minus tis star payers and although they kept both games close the Knicks are not yet winners.

Between playing the Nets and the 76ers last nights game against Philly minus Joseph Embiid should have been the one to take.

Last night was an opportunity for the Knicks first round draft pick Obadiah Toppin and Nerlens Noel to take advantage of Philly not having its star center. Unfortunately Toppin continued to look like bust he has been the entire season and got zero points. Noel was only able to add 6 points for the entire game. 

Knicks management failed Toppin for not sending him to the G League after the season began. Toppin lacks confidence on the floor in my opinion because he has not mentally caught up with the NBA game. 

No big man camp is going to help Toppin, he needs to be on the floor with good competition playing at near NBA speed and tempo. Hopefully the Knicks will find away to get him in a league overseas before the start of next season.

The missing piece to make the Knicks real contenders is a dominant center in my opinion.

Frank Ntilikina came up with another game scoring zero points and Alec Burks immaturity and low basketball IQ have almost guaranteed their exit from this team.

Knicks lose again, 76ers 99 - 96 Knicks

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