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Sunday, November 20, 2022

This could have been a blowout of epic proportions.

It wasn't difficult to predict the outcome of this game after this week's loss to Golden State.

Had it not been for Jalen Brunson and Quentin Grimes, this would have been a blowout of epic proportions.

Julius Randle and RJ Barrett were exposed again today. They were of zero help to this team on offense and defense.

Two of the Knicks big three were merely spectators and Gatorade tasters in Phoenix this afternoon.

When I was a kid, I read Butch Beard's book on coaching basketball, and one of his cardinal sins was jumping while passing.  Julius Randle obviously has never read the book because he is still making this ridiculous mistake at his age and stage of his career.

I fault his coach for allowing him to continue playing as if he has antigravity shoes. Leaping with no commitment only forces poor shots or turnovers.

RJ Barrett looks down right sluggish. He moves as if he's playing in mud. Has he either checked out mentally, or is exhausted?

Phoenix made sure everyone touched the ball and had 6 players in double digits for a balanced scoring attack. The Knicks, not so much.

On an afternoon when the Knicks most desperately needed scoring, Evan Fournier didn't get a single minute, which tells me he is not long to be in a New York uniform.

Tomorrow night in Oklahoma, there is a fleeting chance that this road trip can be salvaged, but I wouldn't bet money on it.

Knicks lose again, Sun 116 – Knicks 95

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Julius Randle, you are a lummox.

In the third quarter of last night's game with the Phoenix Suns the Knicks were up by 10 points and rolling. Looking as if they might pick up the rare road victory against a shorthanded but still an exceptionally good team.

But no.

Instead of being the levelheaded veteran leader of the Knicks Julius Randle decided to play the role of punk and gave Cam Johnson of the Phoenix Suns a shot to the ribs late in the third quarter.

The blow was so hard that it not only knocked the wind out of Johnson it also ignited some pushing and shoving which got Randle his second technical of the night and an ejection from the game.

Cam Johnson was the bear he decided to poke on the Suns, and it was the wrong dude.

Cam Johnson went on to finish the game with 38 points, 24 points scored in the fourth quarter including the buzzer beater game winning shot mostly from his career high of nine three pointers which also tied a Suns franchise record.

Julius Randle, the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks a lot Julius, I thoroughly enjoyed watching your team be left shorthanded and destroyed in the fourth quarter because you are a lummox.

Randle's basketball IQ has to be borderline retarded. If this guy doesn't play with a crack the whip type of point guard and a coach that doesn't excuse his boorish behavior, he will never amount to being a championship caliber player.

Between the Knicks tanking and Randle imploding I, as a Nets fan, am quite enjoying the end of this season. 

Knicks lose again, Suns 115 - Knicks 114.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Best basketball team in New York City my ass.

Devon Booker had 21 points in the first half tonight. This game was pretty much over at halftime.

The Knicks went on several little runs but Booker dug a hole too deep for the Knicks to climb out of.

Booker finished the game with 32 points and showed RJ Barrett, who only had 10 points, what an aggressive star looked like.

The Suns came into the garden tonight 15-3. Everyone knew that the Knicks were no match for them but they weren't even competitive. 

Chris Paul is the type of leader and floor general that the Knicks have lacked for decades. CP3 makes the Suns a well oiled machine. 

The Knicks have nothing like CP3 on this roster and lack basketball IQ as a unit, there are the differences in organizations.

Where is the Knicks defense that this team so proudly hung its hat on last season? Without it even if they squeak into the playoffs they will be one and done for certain.

Best basketball team in New York City my ass.

Knicks lose again Suns 118-97 Knicks.