Tuesday, March 16, 2021

You Lost Big Boy, Stop Manhandling Our Furniture

I was in a YouTube chat for Nets fans, Nets News, and these bummy, guttersnipe Knicks fans were so upset with the loss that they reported the channel and had the stream shutdown.

These are the same people who claim that the Nets are irrelevant and couldn't possibly win New York. They couldn't even handle losing a close game with out acting like babies.

Speaking of crybabies. Julius Randle, don't toss around our nice furniture like you have no class. Wait until you get back to MSG to break Dolan's cheap furniture when you get upset. You lost big boy and as long as Irving, Harden and Durant are here you will never be the dominant team in this city.

The Nets went into the the middle of the third quarter with an 18 point lead and then things began to fall apart.

Not only did both Kyrie and Harden get sloppy with the ball and commit untimely turnover but Harden's jump shot was flat and short all game.

James should be very well rested coming off the All Star break unless he was in Atlanta getting his arm tired from tossing singles in the strip clubs.

Whatever the reason, the Nets once again played down to the level of the competition. The Nets should have been up by 30 to start the fourth quarter. 

The Knicks took advantage of Nash's poor coaching decisions.

When Claxton was taken off the floor by Steve Nash the Knicks saw Deandre Jordan as a big green light to attack the basket. Barret and Randle went to work on Jordan and the lead quickly evaporated.

And for some reason Nash has Joe Harris inbounding the ball after fouls. The inbounder should be the tallest, most skillful passer on the floor. I love Joe but that is not him.

These coaching mistakes are often why the Nets play down to the level of the competition and allow poor teams to make games like this close. 

Fortunately for Nets fans Frank Ntilikina can't hit a shot and the Knicks guards are no match for Kyrie Irving so we came away with the win.

The Knicks lose again, Nets 117 - 112 Knicks

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