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Monday, November 27, 2023

Knicks Soar Close to the Sun, Only to Plummet in a Stunning Defeat


In the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, the New York Knicks found themselves soaring on the wings of confidence in the past few weeks. Fans, their voices resonating with optimism, were quick to declare that the Knicks were poised for a deep playoff run. However, as the old adage goes, flying too close to the sun can lead to a perilous fall, and the Knicks experienced just that in a heart-wrenching loss to the Phoenix Suns.

In a surprising turn of events at Madison Square Garden, the Knicks faced the Suns' backups and suffered a 116-113 defeat. The city that never sleeps witnessed a wake-up call as the Knicks' weak defense crumbled against a Suns team missing key players such as Beal, Allen, and Durant. It became evident that, despite the confidence exuded by fans, the team may not be as mentally tough as initially thought.

The game's climax was delivered by Devin Booker, who, despite being the sole offensive threat for the Suns in the final possession, managed to sink the winning shot at the end of regulation. The Knicks, with all eyes on Booker, failed to execute a defensive strategy that should have secured a victory against a depleted opponent.

Adding to the perplexities of the night was the decision to bench RJ Barrett in the fourth quarter in favor of an underperforming Josh Hart. The move left fans scratching their heads as they questioned the coach's logic in a critical juncture of the game. Hart's lackluster performance only intensified the bewilderment surrounding the decision.

As the dust settles on this unexpected defeat, the Knicks find themselves reassessing their strengths and weaknesses. While the fans' expectations soared to new heights, the reality check against the Suns highlights that there is still work to be done. The road to a deep playoff run may be paved with challenges, and the Knicks must regroup, learn from their mistakes, and prepare to rise again in the games to come.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Knicks Fall Short Against Milwaukee Bucks: A Tough Night for New York

 Ladies and gentlemen, I gotta keep it real with you. The New York Knicks had a tough night in Milwaukee. A real tough night, and we need to talk about it.

First and foremost, let's give credit where it's due. Jalen Brunson, the young man leading the charge for the Knicks, dropped a whopping 45 points tonight. That's right, 45 points! The determination, the grit, and the sheer willpower he displayed out there on the court were nothing short of phenomenal. He was a one-man army, putting the team on his back, trying to will them to victory.

But here's the painful part, folks: as incredible as Brunson was, it just wasn't enough. You heard me right; 45 points from Jalen Brunson couldn't get the Knicks over the hump. And that's where the problems start.

Julius Randle, the Knicks' star forward, well, he had one of those nights we wish we could forget. Scoring only 16 points is far from what we've come to expect from Randle. We need him to be the go-to guy, the one who can take over games when it counts. Unfortunately, that didn't happen tonight.

Now, let's talk about Mitchell Robinson, the big man in the paint. Zero points. A big, fat goose egg in the scoring column. Robinson's known for his defensive prowess, his shot-blocking ability, but when you're contributing nothing on the offensive end, it's a problem, folks. The Knicks need more from him, plain and simple.

And then there's RJ Barrett. The Knicks' future, the young star who's been making a name for himself in this league. But guess what, ladies and gentlemen? RJ Barrett wasn't on the court tonight. He was sidelined, and his absence was felt. Barrett's scoring ability, his tenacity on defense, all of that was sorely missed. It's a tough pill to swallow when you think about what could have been if he'd been out there with the team.

Now, let's not forget the Milwaukee Bucks and their superstar, Damion Lillard. Lillard, the man known for his scoring prowess, dropped 30 points tonight. He was the difference-maker for the Bucks, and his performance helped secure the win. Lillard's ability to take over games can't be underestimated, and he did just that against the Knicks.

So, what does all of this mean for the New York Knicks? Well, it's a tough loss, no doubt about it. The season is long, and there will be highs and lows. But this game, my friends, was a low point. It's a reminder that even with the potential this team has, there are challenges to overcome.

The New York Knicks can forget about that New in-season tournament cup for now. It's not happening. They've got to focus on getting better, finding their rhythm, and working as a cohesive unit. This loss stings, but it's not the end of the world. There's a lot of basketball left to be played.

In the world of professional basketball, you win some, you lose some. Tonight, the Knicks came up short despite Jalen Brunson's extraordinary effort. Randle struggled, Robinson couldn't find the basket, and Barrett's absence was glaring. Damion Lillard led the Bucks to victory, and the Knicks have some work to do.

It's a long season, will regroup and learn from this tough night? We'll see, but I wouldn't bet the house on it.

Knicks lose again, Bucks 110 - Knicks 105

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Knicks Suffer Disappointing Defeat to Cavaliers at MSG

Ladies and gentlemen, can you believe what we witnessed at the Mecca of basketball, Madison Square Garden tonight? The New York Knicks suffered yet another gut-wrenching loss, dropping to 0-2 on their home court this season, falling prey to the Cleveland Cavaliers with a score of 95-89. It's been a painful start for the Knicks faithful, and there are plenty of questions to be asked.

First and foremost, let's address the elephant in the room - the absence of RJ Barrett. Barrett, one of the bright stars of this Knicks team, was nowhere to be found on the court tonight, and his absence was as glaring as the Garden's bright lights. The Knicks missed his scoring, his defense, and most importantly, his leadership.

Now, I don't want to take anything away from the Cleveland Cavaliers, but let's be honest, this was a game the Knicks should have won. Jalen Brunson tried to carry the load, putting up 24 points, but his 8-for-23 shooting is a glaring indicator of the offensive struggles the Knicks had to endure.

And speaking of the Cavaliers, let's give credit where it's due. Caris LeVert, the former Net, was in his bag tonight. He poured in 19 points, snatched 6 rebounds, and dished out 5 assists. LeVert's performance was instrumental in the Cavaliers' victory, and it's clear that he's adapting well to his new team.

The Knicks' defense tried their best, but it's challenging to keep the ship afloat when your offensive engine is stalling. In the end, it's a collective effort, and the Knicks didn't quite bring it together tonight.

This loss was more than just a tally in the loss column; it's a statement. It's a reminder that the Knicks have work to do. They've got to regroup, and they've got to regroup quickly. It's a long season, but every game matters, and dropping two straight at home is not the way you want to kick things off.

Knicks fans, I know this one stings, and it's frustrating. But let's not lose sight of the bigger picture. There's a ton of basketball left to be played, and the Knicks have the talent and the grit to turn this ship around. It's early, but it's time for Coach Thibodeau and this squad to get back in the lab, make some adjustments, and come back stronger next time.

New York, we've seen the Knicks bounce back before, and we'll see it happen again. Keep the faith, because this rollercoaster ride is just getting started.

Knicks Lose Again, Cleveland 95 - 89 Knicks.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Knicks' Nightmare in New Orleans: A Loss to the Pelicans They'll Want to Forget


Well, well, well, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you're all sitting down, because I've got a story for you tonight that's juicier than a prime cut steak! The New York Knicks, the pride and joy of the Big Apple, took a trip down to the bayou to face the New Orleans Pelicans, and let me tell you, it was a night to forget for all the Knicks faithful out there.

 So, let's set the stage, shall we? End of the 1st half, and what do we have on our hands? A whopping 55-37 lead for the Pelicans! That's right, folks, the Knicks looked about as lost as a cat in a dog show out there. The Pelicans were soaring high, while the Knicks were sinking like a lead balloon. It was a sight to behold, that's for sure.

 Now, let's talk about the Pelicans' performance, because, boy, did they come to play! Not one, not two, but three Pelicans had double-digit scoring by halftime. It was like a buffet of points for them, and the Knicks were serving them up on a silver platter. I mean, you've got to give credit where it's due, and the Pelicans were clicking on all cylinders.

 But hold on, it gets better! Julius Randle, the supposed cornerstone of the Knicks, was out there in the first half shooting a scorching 2-8 from the field with more turnovers than a bakery on a busy morning. I mean, come on, Randle, you're supposed to be the man! But on this night, he was more like the Invisible Man. It was a rough night for him, to say the least.

 And let's not forget the icing on the cake of that first half – the Knicks had more turnovers than assists! That's right, folks, it was a turnover fiesta out there, and the Pelicans were more than happy to capitalize on those mistakes. It's like the Knicks were playing a game of hot potato with the basketball, and they couldn't wait to get rid of it.

 Now, fast-forward to the final score, and it's not pretty, not pretty at all. The Knicks lost to the Pelicans, and it's not even a close game. The final score reads 87-96, and let me tell you, aside from outstanding games from RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson, no one else bothered to show up. It was like a two-man show in a one-ring circus.

 But hey, let's give credit where it's due. RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson brought their A-game, and they deserve a standing ovation. They were like the lone warriors fighting a battle on their own, but alas, their efforts fell short.

 So, there you have it, folks. The Knicks took a trip to the bayou, and they got served a gumbo of disappointment by the Pelicans. The end of the 1st half looked like a horror show, turnovers were raining like confetti, and Randle was having a night to forget. But hey, there's always tomorrow, and as a Knicks fan, you've got to believe that the sun will shine again on Madison Square Garden. Until then, let's just hope the Knicks can get their act together because nights like this one, well, they're just hard to stomach.

Knicks Lose Again, Pelicans 96 - Knicks 87.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Does Signing Chris Paul to the Knicks Make Sense?

The New York Knicks, have been in the market for a superstar for quite some time. The name that has recently been floating around is none other than Chris Paul, the veteran point guard currently playing for the Phoenix Suns. The question on everyone's mind is, does signing Chris Paul to the Knicks make sense?

Firstly, let's consider the Knicks' current situation. The team has a promising young core, including RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin, and has shown significant improvement under Coach Tom Thibodeau. However, they lack a seasoned leader who can guide these young talents and help them navigate the high-pressure environment of the NBA. Chris Paul, with his wealth of experience and leadership qualities, fits this role perfectly.

Paul has a proven track record of elevating the teams he plays for. He led the Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs against all odds and has turned the Phoenix Suns into legitimate title contenders. His basketball IQ, playmaking ability, and defensive prowess could be invaluable to a Knicks team that has struggled with consistency.

However, there are also potential downsides to this move. Paul is in the twilight of his career, and his age could be a concern. At 38, he is past his prime, and injuries could become a more significant issue. Additionally, his hefty contract could limit the Knicks' ability to sign other players and build a more balanced roster.

Moreover, the Knicks have been focusing on developing their young talent, and bringing in Paul could disrupt this process. While his experience and leadership would undoubtedly be beneficial, it could also overshadow the development of the Knicks' young core.

In terms of fit, Paul's play style could mesh well with the Knicks. Thibodeau's system emphasizes defense and efficient offense, both of which are strengths of Paul's game. His ability to control the pace of the game and make smart decisions on the court could help the Knicks improve their offensive efficiency.

Signing Chris Paul to the Knicks could be a double-edged sword. On one hand, his experience, leadership, and skills could help elevate the team to new heights. On the other hand, his age, contract, and potential impact on the team's development could pose significant risks. Ultimately, the decision will depend on the Knicks' long-term strategy and vision for the team.

Friday, May 12, 2023

You blew it Knicks fans, this was a painful loss of a great opportunity.

Knicks fans were making and passing around social media videos arguing that the Miami Heat were intentionally attempting to hurt Knicks players.

There were cries all day for Adam Stern to question the referees and put them on notice for being complicit in this covert cheating scheme designed to allow the Knicks to advance. 

Every Knicks fans to the man and woman decried that this cheating was the only way the Miami Heat could defeat their much more talented team.

Well, that didn't work.

The refs gave the Knicks no quarter tonight and if anything called every minuet infraction against the Knicks they could find.

And the Miami player most maligned by the conspiracy tapes was Bam Adebayo.

Bam came out tonight and played as if he was really going to do the knicks dirty and he did.

The Knicks kept the game close the first half of the game, but you could clearly see that the weight of carrying this sorry team was taking a toll on Jalen Brunson.

Brunson was dragging himself around attempting to muster all the energy he could to save the Knicks season, but it was too much for him.

Peeking in various Knicks fans live YouTube shows as they followed the game they spent the night begging for fouls. But I didn't hear much about Julius Randle's brain-dead defense or RJ Barrett missing layups. 

No, it was all ammunition to complain about the inevitable loss and end of their season.

That and talk about how great a season this was in spite of the loss. No knicks fans it wasn't.

Giannis was injured, the Nets went into free fall, Cleveland is young and not battle tested, and the Heat came into the playoffs the 8th seed. 

This was your window of opportunity. You will not see a chance to make the finals like this again for another five or ten years.

You blew it Knicks fans, this was a painful loss of a great opportunity.

However, the Knicks lose again.

Miami Heat 96-92 New York Knicks. 

Monday, May 8, 2023

The playoffs bring out the greats and the chumps.

Vacation planning can begin Knicks fans. There is no way in hell your team is coming back from being down 3-1. 😆

I did something new tonight. As I watched the game I listened to Knicks fan play by play on YouTube and that shit was hilarious.

All the begging for calls, cursing at coaches and players had me in tears.

And can we now say once and for all on defense, Julius Randle's IQ is on the spectrum?!?

Randle's bull in a china shop style ultimately got him fouled out tonight in the fourth quarter when he charged knocking over half of the Heat team.

Now, I must admit, RJ Barrett played tonight like he wanted to win. Unfortunately he was the only Knick ready for prime time.

At some point RJ has to step forward and demand leadership on this team. In order for the Knicks to ever have a chance he has to take command of this team as the go-to man. Never mind Brunson, Randle or Hart.

Barrett needs to have a team meeting on the plane and tell everyone 'this is my fucking team now and if you don't like it, ask to be traded'. 

If this team follows the lead of Brunson and Randle this team will never compete for a championship.

Many people will shout for the removal of Thibodeau, but he is not going anywhere as long as Dolan has CAA managing this franchise.

Thibs' cut and paste, template coaching style simply doesn't work on a championship team. He'll have you competitive in the regular season but nothing more.

And let's give it to Jimmy Butler for not only being the most complete player on the floor in this series but also having the heart of a coldblooded assassin.  

Butler's control, savvy and tenacity on defense sets the standard that his teammates must follow or else.

Kyle Lowry will not jump out of the box scores for his effort but the subtle way he can change a game on offense and defense is like watching a Masterclass for point guards.

Lowry is pushing 40 and continues to make himself felt on both sides of the court like no other.

The scary thing about the last two games of this series is the poor jump shooting of the Heat. 

If the Heat shot well tonight this would have been a blowout. At some point in this series they are going to come out of the locker room on fire, it's going to be a massacre and I can't wait to see it.

Knick fans, you are not the better team. And the way your team plays in the clutch I am going to stop saying that your team is more talented. Younger, yes but where is the talent on the Knicks that can play a complete game at an elite level? Who?

Is the talent in the front court allowing the Heat to get offensive rebound after offensive rebound over and over tonight? The Heat were 17 - 7 on second chance points.

Are Brunson and Hart frustrating and fouling out Vincent, Strus and Lowry?

None of the is happening because Knicks "talent" is nothing more than fool's gold.

In the playoffs you see the true ceiling of a player. The playoffs bring out the greats and the chumps.

The Knicks are the chumps.

Knicks lose again, Heat 109-101 Knicks.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

I am sure their dinner tasted like rubber tonight


From the opening seconds of today's game, Jimmy Butler hit the first shot and went on to put his foot so far up the Knicks asses that I am sure their dinner tasted like rubber tonight.

The Heat whooped the Knicks so badly that I almost felt sorry for them. Almost.

All the Knicks fan talk leading up to this game had the Knicks beating the Heat in 5 games. They said the Knicks are such a dominant team on the road that there was no way they could lose with Julius Randle back.

Every loser Knicks fan went on about how much more talented their team was compared to the Heat and the Eastern Conference finals was just a forgone conclusion.

But when I took to social media after the Heat were up by as much as 25 points on the New York Bricks, Knicks twitter was as quiet as a mouse pissing on cotton in a thunderstorm.

This was supposed to be the game that Julius Randle would continue to own the Heat. 

Mitchell Robinson was supposed to dominate the undersized Miami front court today.

The Heat had something else to say by out scouring the Knicks 50 to 16 in the paint. The simply wanted it more than the Knicks and their veterans know what it takes to win in the playoffs.

The Knicks might be more talented, but they are not a better team than the Heat. They are being outclassed and out coached before your very eyes.

The Heat only shot 38% today. They won on hustle, muscle and savvy. Can you imagine what game 4 is going to look like when the Heat shooting gets hot? OMG!

I am sure Knicks fans while bitch and moan about the refs as they always do when they lose.

The Heat left RJ Barrett open in the first half and dared him to beat them, and he just couldn't do it.

Now Knicks fans are hoping to duplicate the Heat strategy of getting a split on the road. Quite frankly it's their only hope because if the Knicks go down 3-1 on Monday the series is over.

I don't see the Heat defense changing on Monday and the Knicks have no answer for it. 

Jalen Brunson holds on to the ball too long. He passes the ball so late in the shot clock that it makes defending the Knicks easy and predictable.

Look for the Tom Thibodeau to fiddle with the lineup because he is beginning to panic and this will sap any confidence left right out of the Knicks.

The Miami Heat are not the Cleveland Cavaliers Knicks fans, this bunch of veterans is battle tested and on a mission. Hopefully the Knicks youngins will see what it takes to compete for a chip and learn.

Knicks lose again, Miami 105-86 Knicks.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Go ahead, "Run New York"

The Brooklyn Nets took care of the Knicks tonight with no problem without Kevin Durant or Ben Simmons. But the real entertainment is listening to whining Knicks fans repeating that "We Run New York" dumb shit after they were beaten again.

You can have New York as long as you continue to lose to the Nets and never come close to winning a championship, I'm comfortable with that. Go ahead, "Run New York" 😆

Knicks lose again, Brooklyn 122-New York Runners 115

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Only two Knicks showed up for the game


Yesterday, against the Dallas Mavericks, the Knicks won...the points in the paint.

As for the game? It was close until Hardaway and Luka went nuts from in the third quarter and pulled away permanently with a 17-0 run.

Luka Dončić and former Knick draft pick, Tim Hardaway Jr. had their way with the entire Knicks team in Madison Square Garden.

Again, RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin were completely wastes of minutes. They could have stayed home and contributed more.

Julius Randle and Immanuel Quickley were the only two Knicks that showed up for the game.

The Knicks are no match for a versatile team that can rain down three balls. 

Knicks lose again, Dallas 121-Knicks 100. And after halftime, it wasn't even that close.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Brunson wanted to be here, so don't shed any tears for him

Jalen Brunson came tonight ready to put in work against the Portland Trail Blazers. He finished the game with 32 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. 

None of it mattered, of course. The Knicks went on to lose to Portland in overtime.

Brunson wanted to be here, so don't shed any tears for him.

Knicks fans, I have two questions: What exactly makes RJ Barrett a star? And Shouldn't you have given up RJ for Donovan Mitchell?

Barrett got his double double tonight, so just by looking at points you wouldn't see an issue, but something is affecting his game because he could only muster 19 points from 22 shots. Or, maybe this is the best he's ever going to be.

Either way, I think it's time to give up on the idea that Barrett is ever going to be a superstar. Solid role player, indeed, but never a star. 

Barrett has proven to be a piece that can be moved without the fear that he's going to turn into a monster in this league on another team. He's not him.

The Knicks had a chance to win this game, and you'd think that with a coach that has a history of preaching defense, the team would have figured out a way to come up with the necessary stops to win. But they didn't.

The team has never progressed from playing defense with their hands and kept giving Portland free throw after free throw.

The Knicks found away to give the game to Portland.

The cure for Obi Toppin's soft play would be a good talking to from Charles Oakley. But because team owner James Dolan is such an asshole, Obi will never get the encouragement he needs to toughen up his game from a vet he would respect.

The best thing for this team is to package Randle, Fournier, and Barrett in a deal for top young talent and high picks in the next draft.

Then fire Thibodeau. 

Knicks lose again, Portland 132-Knicks 129.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

This could have been a blowout of epic proportions.

It wasn't difficult to predict the outcome of this game after this week's loss to Golden State.

Had it not been for Jalen Brunson and Quentin Grimes, this would have been a blowout of epic proportions.

Julius Randle and RJ Barrett were exposed again today. They were of zero help to this team on offense and defense.

Two of the Knicks big three were merely spectators and Gatorade tasters in Phoenix this afternoon.

When I was a kid, I read Butch Beard's book on coaching basketball, and one of his cardinal sins was jumping while passing.  Julius Randle obviously has never read the book because he is still making this ridiculous mistake at his age and stage of his career.

I fault his coach for allowing him to continue playing as if he has antigravity shoes. Leaping with no commitment only forces poor shots or turnovers.

RJ Barrett looks down right sluggish. He moves as if he's playing in mud. Has he either checked out mentally, or is exhausted?

Phoenix made sure everyone touched the ball and had 6 players in double digits for a balanced scoring attack. The Knicks, not so much.

On an afternoon when the Knicks most desperately needed scoring, Evan Fournier didn't get a single minute, which tells me he is not long to be in a New York uniform.

Tomorrow night in Oklahoma, there is a fleeting chance that this road trip can be salvaged, but I wouldn't bet money on it.

Knicks lose again, Sun 116 – Knicks 95

Saturday, November 19, 2022

The Knicks squandered a real chance to win.

It was apparent the Knicks were going to have a long night in the first quarter. 

New York couldn't even muster up 20 points in the first quarter, finishing with just 19.

It was as if they knew they were going to lose, so didn't put up much of an effort to win until the 4th quarter.

Cam Reddish was the x factor in the previous two wins, but he left the 3rd quarter with 2:07 seconds remaining with a groin injury and never came back. 

If Cam is injured and out again against Phoenix, you can add another loss to the column right now.

Brunson looked completely lost on offense and defense and was no competition for the Warriors back court.

RJ Barrett had one of those John Starks' nights when he is shooting the ball horrendously, believing that he should shoot his way out of his slump.

RJ made a few nice passes but kept chucking instead of focusing on being a facilitator, which would have been more helpful to give the Knicks a chance.

On a night when the Warriors didn't shoot particularly well themselves, the Knicks squandered a real chance to win.

Knicks lose again, Golden State 111 - Knicks 101

Friday, July 1, 2022

Welcome to the Knicks!

I guess Jalen Brunson is comfortable with never coming close to winning a championship for the rest of his life. Welcome to the Knicks!

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Kevin Durant, the Slim Reaper

On social media around the world Knicks fans were discussing ways how the impossible could happen tonight.

They talked about how vulnerable the Nets were and that this young scrappy group of Knicks had just what the doctor ordered to finally defeat the team in Brooklyn.

Match ups were carefully looked over and debated including the coaches, all ending with the formula to beat the Nets.

After the first three quarters the impossible actually looked inevitable.

The Knicks lead by as much as 21 points over Brooklyn as beer, hot wings and deviled eggs were consumed all over New York City as if it were one humongous New Year's Eve party. 

But, as has been the pattern for the New York Knickerbockers all season, the lead would shrink as the team unraveled late in the fourth quarter.

Patty Mills finally broke out of his month-long shooting slump to launch and land three-point shot after three-point shot, striking blows to the Knicks defenses. 

Then the Nets unleashed Kevin Durant, the Slim Reaper to step forward in the remaining three minutes to deliver the last death blows to the young Knicks.

Tears replaced cheers across the five boroughs as drunken and deflated Knicks fans dragged themselves back to their dark holes to hibernate until the beginning of the next NBA season.

Knicks lose again, Brooklyn 110 - Knicks 98.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Have we seen the last of Julius Randle in a Knicks uniform?

A depleted Cleveland Cavaliers team came into Madison Sqaure Garden and owned the Knicks.

It was embarrassing to watch New York get manhandled, and I hate the Knicks.

Even RJ Barrett could not finish at the rim today. He must work on this in the off season as well as his mid-range shot. If he can learn how to pull up and shoot that short jumper instead of his familiar pass or head to the basket moves, he'd easily score twenty per game next season and be helpful in the fourth quarter to close out games.

For those who thought that Barrett was better than LeVert I hope this game cleared that foolishness up for you. Caris' game is light years ahead of RJ.

Leon Rose really needs to evaluate his coach's season because he did a rotten job of preparing and developing his young players in my opinion.

Obi Toppin thrives when he is on the court with Quickley and yet the coach of the year started Burks again. I just don't get it.

Toppin got his career high today, but it meant nothing. 

At least losing today ties the Knicks for tenth place in the draft lottery. Should they throw the game against Orlando tomorrow? 

Have we seen the last of Julius Randle in a Knicks uniform?

All I know for certain is that the Knicks lose again, Cleveland 119 - Knicks 101.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Are the Knicks done? Yes.


Trae Young came into MSG and showed Knicks fans his entire ass. He mooned James Dolan with 45 points.

The Knicks, minus Julius Randle, played well enough to have a ten-point lead early in the fourth quarter. Everyone touched the ball and things were promising. However.

Was there another fourth quarter melt down? Yes.

Was coach Thibs locked into his ridiculous substitutions that resulted in mistakes when the game was on the line? Yes.

Are the Knicks done? Yes.

Knicks lose again, Hawks 117 - New York 111

Monday, March 21, 2022

He's clearly not built for this.

Julius Randle shoots 6-22 from the field and 1-6 from deep for 13 points and 12 rebounds and this guy still thinks that this is his team.

Time for the charade to end and turn this team officially over to RJ Barrett. Randle's attitude and poor play is hurting the development of this team.

Barrett had 24 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists. RJ didn't exactly set the world on fire, but his aggression and efficiency set the tone for this team. 

It is time for Knicks management to focus on packaging Randle for a trade and turning the rest of the season over to its young core, building Barrett into the super star it has hoped to get for many years.

As usual the Knicks kept the game close and entertaining for three and a half quarters before they went to shit. 

The Knicks could have won if in the 4th quarter they had gone to a full court press on defense and shortened the lineup putting smaller guys in the front court who could at least threaten to shoot from midrange. 

This would have resulted in pulling Utah's big men from the paint reducing their ability to block and change shots at the basket. I guess it just never occurred to the coach of the year to change strategies and attempt to win.

Mitchell Robinson could become a billionaire if he developed a 15-foot jump shot or a 10-foot hook shot.

Julius Randle unraveled of course and got into a pushing match with the Jazz center Rudy Golbert at the end of the game. Randle even went as far as slapping the hand of the referee off him as he and Golbert were being separated. Let's see if that results in fines or a suspension or both.

The stage and bright lights are too much for this guy. There is no winning of anything with Randle who can't keep his composure during and after games. He's clearly not built for this.

The Knicks lose again, Utah Jazz 108 - 93 New York Knicks.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Are the Knicks tanking?

Today, the Knicks starting point guard, Alec Burks, had as many assists as I did. Zero.

Again, in the fourth quarter the Knicks fell apart because there was no one running the ship. I was hoping that Raymond Felton would run out of the stands in his t-shirt, gut and all.

At least Raymond would demand that players are in position and running the sets that the coach knows give the team the best chance to win.

Despite being under powered facing a team with Joel Embiid and James Harden the Knicks kept the game close for three quarters.

But hasn't that been the memo of this team all season?

They have to lead the league in close but no cigar games in the NBA this season.

When will this coach learn that in the fourth quarter Julius Randle is reckless at handling the ball and inefficient from the field?

RJ Barrett was not accurate from the three-point line, but the fourth quarter would be a perfect time to run a two-man game with RJ and a solid point for easy buckets at the rim and mid-range shots.

Julius Randle should be a threat in the paint in the fourth quarter even if it means playing him at center if it forces him to get his rear end in the paint and not thinking about beating guys off the dribble or shooting terrible jump shots.

I mean for goodness' sake the Knicks can't bring up Jordan Allen or Kenneth Savage from the G league to give them a look? Either one would be better than Alec Burks who started at point guard this afternoon and had zero assists. 

Yes, it has gotten that bad with Kemba gone and D Rose injured. 

Are the Knicks tanking? I have a feeling they are. 

If tanking will get them a point guard high in the next draft and a good chance for the morbidly obese Zion Williamson, then this might be the best strategic move they made all season.

Knicks lose again, Sixers 125 - Knicks 109.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

This is your team now, dominate every night


The Knicks went into the colosseum against the Lakers guns blazing in the first half. Julius was aggressive and RJ Barrett was channeling Tracy McGrady.

This only lasted a half, however. In the third quarter the Knicks completely collapsed.

It was as if they had their memories wiped at halftime and completely forgot how they dominated the Lakers in the first two quarters.

Maybe at the half the players, including Julius Randle, were able to get access to their phones and allowed all the trade rumors to get to them. I have no idea.

But I do know that the Knicks let Malik Monk play like he was the second coming of Michael Jordan as he almost single-handedly cleared the Knicks lead over Los Angeles.

During the Lakers big third quarter coach Thibodeaux made zero changes to try to cool Los Angeles off. This guy may not be the coach this team needs.

Barrett fought hard in the final period and was able to snatch victory from the Lakers at the end of the fourth quarter and took the game into overtime.

Unfortunately, RJ had very little help in OT and the Knicks fell in defeat to the Lakers.

It is time for RJ to realize that this is his team now. He cannot limit himself to only taking three shots in the third quarter.

When RJ decides to take the game over few teams can stop him it is time that he stops holding himself back acquiescing to Randle.

I hope that at the end of the game when LeBron hugged Barrett and gave him some words of encouragement that some of those words were 'This is your team now, dominate every night'. 

Get RJ a real point guard, let Randle move on to another team and find a center that can score a little and this team changes into a real competitor.

Knicks lose again, Lakers 122 - Knicks 115.