Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Knicks wore those god awful ugly Nets knock off uniform again last night and I had a feeling it would be the kiss of death.

I must admit however, the Knicks had a nice little run the past few games. They looked like a real basketball team for the first time in about ten years. 

They couldn't handle any of the top three teams in the East including Brooklyn because they lack a lot of talent but they are competitive and playing intelligent ball. 

The Oklahoma City Thunder started the game shooting horribly. OKC couldn't to hit an elephant in the ass with a 2 by 4 and the Knicks got up to an 11 point lead.

In the second quarter however OKC was able to settle down and come storming back to be a point down by halftime.

OKC finished the third quarter up by three points mostly due to some of the most poor defense the Knicks have played all season. 

Even the play of Randle couldn't rally the Knicks back as the Thunder went on to whip the Knicks in the Garden last night.

Knicks Lose Again NYK 89 - OKC 101 Record: 5-4

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