Saturday, April 3, 2021


Well well well Knicks fans. Now that you have to face winning teams and do a little traveling her come all the excuses. Your team is tired, Thib's rotation is not working out, there is poor chemistry. Everything you can think of to rationalize losing. But there is only one answer, your team sucks.

Julius Randle has been figured out by the rest of the league and had another poor game. He is not the superstar answer you were hoping for. He is just a solid piece.

this year's first round draft pick is only above Frederick Weiss in the list of Knicks first round draft picks because he actually decided to show up. Other than that Obi Toppin gives you nothing on the floor. His poor play has forced coach Thibodaux to play Julius more minutes than he had hoped to and Randle has no hit the wall.

The Knicks have now lost three games in a row. I tried to give them a break and not write about this team hoping that they'd bounce back because frankly sometimes I get tired of talking about how god awful this team is.

This team has mentally checked out to the point where the league really needs to consider implementing a mercy rule. Just let the Knicks forfeit the remaining games if they don't win against the Pistons tomorrow and spare the rest of us from watching this train wreck.

I would have left this game alone had I not heard trash talk from Knicks fans again speaking about how the Nets will never win New York. Knicks fans, have you looked out the window lately? You can have New York City. It has always been Brooklyn against the world and that's the way we like it over here.

You can attempt to tie Nets history exclusively to New Jersey all you wish, we know this team began in New York. My first basketball as a child was a red, white and blue ABA ball because of the New York Nets. 

Congratulations, the Knicks own New York City and fortunately for us New York City owns the Knicks. Your both broken down, relics of the past whose better days stretch back to the previous century with no hope in site. You deserve each other.

Knicks lose again, Mavericks 99 - 86 Knicks.

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