Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fisher has no balls

Don't let anyone's bullshit trip you up. The Knicks lost tonight because Derek Fisher is a poor coach.

Down to the last 15 seconds tied at 93 Fisher allowed the Knicks to revert to the same old isolation basketball to Anthony. The isolation offense that has gotten the Knicks into so many championship games since Anthony has been a Knick. If it's just going to be the same old pass the ball to Anthony and get out of the way then what does the team need Fisher for?

Carmelo misses the shot so bad it didn't even touch rim which gave the Hornets back the ball on a shot clock violation. Really, you can't even hit the rim dude?

With 3.7 seconds left with the game tied you'd think that Fisher would have his longest and most athletic players on the floor. You want the Hornets forced into a jump shot and not something easy around the basket. Especially with Porzingis who had been intimidating in the paint all night.

But no, after the Hornets had the initial inbound pass deflected out of bounds with 2.1 seconds left and Porzingis on the bench Robin Lopez loses Zeller underneath the basket, Porzingis had been blocking and changing Zeller's shot all night, and Zeller catches the inbound pass for an immediate layup and the winning basket.

Fisher sucks as a coach right now. He is going to lose games like this all season because he is a poor situational on the fly coach. Most importantly the Knicks should be running a real triangle but he hasn't the balls to tell Carmelo Anthony no.

Knicks fans, I don't want to hear your blood clot crying about the possibility of .2 more seconds being on the game clock after the Zeller make. Yes it would have made the difference for the "three" made by Porzingis which was waved off because he didn't get it off in time. However, you got a gift last night when the refs missed Carmelo Anthony standing all kinds of out of bounds which helped them beat Toronto so shut it.

Knicks Lose Again Charlotte 95 - Knicks 93

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