Friday, November 27, 2015

nothing will save them

With Porzingis and Lopez on the bench most of the game due to foul trouble it was easy to diagnose the Knicks loss tonight.
Someone please tell me what to do.

No interior defense allowed Wade and Bosch to do whatever they wanted against the back up big men of the Knicks deep in the paint.

What the Knicks needed tonight in particular was a guard who could penetrate the lane and take the ball to the basket. That is the specialty of Jerian Grant.

Why the coach, Derek Fisher, is keeping Jerian Grant's minutes down recently is unfathomable to me since Galloway and he are the two best point guards on the team.

Forcing minutes on Calderon that he doesn't deserve makes no sense and Arron Afflalo isn't the defensive player that Vujacic is and his offense is not making up the difference.

The Knicks were not outclassed last night they were out coached, as they were the past two losses.

And with the second team still scoring poorly last night as they have for the past month the Heat handled the Knicks rather easily.

The Knicks are playing like they are lost because their coach is lost.

If this team doesn't improve its conditioning and Fisher his basketball intelligence nothing will save them from another losing season.

Knicks lose again Heat 97 - Knicks 78

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