Monday, January 20, 2014

James Dolan is forced to rebuild

I have to admit that I did not see today's game. I was asleep in my lazy-boy sleeping as my body attempts to fight off this flu that I caught out of nowhere. With my lungs congested and my throat on fire I was in no mood to see a game.

When I woke up and turned the radio on I was not surprised to hear that the Knicks had been blown out by the Nets. The Nets since moving Pierce to the power forward position and commitment to rotate the ball have seem to found their game.

What did surprise me was the ranting from relatively famous talk show hosts yelling about how talentless the Knicks are.

One point was made about how difficult it is to take children to the games because they play horribly and are usually beaten before the end of the second quarter.

Well you guys wanted your superstar at all costs and you got him. Quick, selfless young players be damned. Carmelo Anthony makes up for every single kid and draft pick traded to bring him here right?!?

Of course not.

Coach Woodson needs veterans to run the locker room because he simply can't do it. The inmates are running the asylum.

Hopefully the next time James Dolan is forced to rebuild this team he will allow it to be done the correct way and not allow himself to be talked into foolish moves by sports agents who are only looking out for their interests.

I am so glad I am not a Knicks fan anymore, thank you God.

Knicks lose again Nets 103 - Knicks 80

Beno Udrih has demanded a trade and the team has promised to try and honor his request. "The ship be sinking" - Michael Ray Richardson

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