Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Knicks are good but not elite

The Knicks lose again but let me say that this was one helluva basketball game. The margin of losing was still a simple fundamental that is lost in today's game.

Amare played good defense several times on Garnett late in the fourth quarter that resulted in bad shots but because of poor fundamentals Amare lost track of Garnett who was able to get his own rebounds and make put back baskets.

Instead of watching the path of the shot Amare should have pivoted to place his back into Garnett's chest to box out first while turning his head to the basket to locate the ball. At the very least he would have drawn an over the back foul on Garnett at best he would have snatched the rebounds preventing the second shots.

So, although they played well it is a matter of poor fundamentals like this when it counts that will keep the Knicks from being an elite team.

Celtics 118 - Knicks 116

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