Saturday, November 27, 2010

They'll be soft until they die

The Knicks are just a bunch of scared boys with only a handful of real men on this team. When this group of guards and small forwards face a group of skilled basketball players they bitch up and there is no other way to describe it.

So afraid of being beaten off the dribble or getting contact the guards don't play tight defense or fight through screens. The small forwards are so afraid of playing against athletic bigs they force jump shots because they don't want any part of going mano a mano.

The only chance the Knicks had to be competitive today against the Hawks was to do exactly what got them the five game winning streak they enjoyed against lesser opponents. By slashing to the hoop for easy baskets and fouls, moving the ball around until the best shot became available and playing the passing lanes to get easy steals or place themselves in position where they could contest the next pass or the shot.

Other than Turiaf, Stoudemire and Landry this team gets intimidated very easily and only see themselves capable of nothing more than hoisting desperate three point attempts. When you are bitch made like the majority of these guys there is no amount of practice or experience to that can overcome it. They'll be soft until they die.
The Knicks Lose Again, Hawks 99 - Knicks 90 and it wasn't nearly that close

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