Friday, December 17, 2010

The Knicks Are Not Ready

The Knicks lost for no other reason than not having a two guard who could force Wade to expend energy on defense and penetrate well enough to pull the Heat off double teams on Amare.

Not having such a player allowed Wade to possess lots of energy in the second half to prance and cross up for jump shots and display spin moves which got him easy dunks and layups against Landry Fields.

Bosh was not forced to bailout Wade and defend the paint so he was able to do pretty much what he wanted and stay both fresh and out of foul trouble. In tonight's game Bosh was double teaming Amare and getting easy shots around the basket

Notice I didn't mention Lebron James because honestly when he is shooting like the way he was tonight he was going to get his points no matter what.

The way to beat the Heat is by forcing Wade and Bosh to defend which draws fouls and makes them expend energy. The Knicks have no players whose games could command enough respect to pull the double and triple teams off Amare Stoudemire and take it to Wade and Bosh making losing inevitable. Miami is just better than them.

Now the Knicks need to regroup and remember that other than Boston, the Lakers and the Heat they should whoop everyone else and get after it tomorrow against the Bulls.

The Knicks Lose Again, Miami 113 - Knick 91

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