Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lazy Coaching + Lazy Playing = Loss

There is a saying that bad habits die hard and the Knicks are living proof.

After playing so well and within themselves they decide to resort to their old ways and play to the level of the competition. 

The immature play from the Knicks included going for pump fakes and getting cheap fouls called on them, Amare forcing the issue by attempting to beat his defender off the dribble, not boxing out on defense and settling for low percentage shots instead of passing the ball around for the best shot made for a very sloppy and lazy effort against the Cavaliers. The result of course was a loss to the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers who had lost 10 games in a row before tonight's gift.

It is time for D'Antoni to open up his lineup and get Mozgov on the floor late in games even if just to play the scarecrow and make the opponents think twice about penetrating for easy baskets, also to get Amare off centers on the defensive end. But as I said in the beginning, old habits die hard.

The Knicks lose again, Cavaliers 109 - Knicks 102

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