Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not An Ounce of Toughness

When this season is over and the Knicks haven't made the playoffs again hopefully D'Antoni will beg out of his contract and Dolan will grant him his release.

This team needs a coach with spirit and not just a jump shot philosophy.  A coach that will demand that defense is a priority. A coach that will understand how beating the Knicks in their own building is a running joke amongst players, coaches and general managers in this league. A coach understands that its the Knicks against everyone in the world and the team must play with the mindset to destroy its opponent not simply win.

Except for the occasional night or quarter when the Knicks are on fire from the three point line this is one sorry basketball team. It is now apparent the there isn't an ounce of toughness or grit on this basketball team. There is no pride or fight. Not a scrap of shame or anger and not the brightest group of players.

The Knicks Lose Again
Golden State 122 - Knicks 117

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