Thursday, December 24, 2020

Pucker Up Buttercup!


The Knicks kept it competitive yesterday for one half but in the third quarter Oladipo and the rest of the Pacers shook off the rust and imposed their will on the Knicks.

The Knicks shooting 33% for the second half didn't help the cause either as the Knicks fell in defeat.

There were many Knicks fans calling up the sports talk shows yesterday attempting to poo poo on the Brooklyn Nets win and all they did was succeed at sounding like a bunch of fucking idiots, again.

One caller tried to admonish Kevin Durant for not being animated enough when he responded to the questions after the game. But the majority of the callers spoke about the Warriors not being much of a team and therefore the win didn't really mean anything.

Let me give you a little lesson about winning teams Knicks fans which I am certain you don't know anything about because you are a Knicks fan and have never actually seen it.

A great team goes out and utterly fucking destroys a bad team exactly the way Brooklyn did last night. 

The great team imposes its will early and literally beats out all hope out of the lesser team before half time by running up the lead to almost insurmountable numbers. 

And most importantly, It also has a bench that is deep enough to allow its stars to rest for almost two complete quarters before winning. That's for Stephen A Smith and his ridiculous idea about trading the Nets core players for James "I Channel Carmelo Anthony" Harden.

I know you Knicks fans less than 65 years old have never seen anything like that in Madison Square Garden but ummm that's the way it actually works.

Knicks fans, you have my permission to continue watching the Nets crush, kill and destroy their way through the East so in about six years when your team has a chance to win something this won't be so foreign to you.

However, if your booties are this tight after Brooklyn wins one game what will you have left to pucker up when the NBA championship parade is coming down Flatbush Avenue?!?

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