Sunday, April 29, 2018

Kawhi Leonard to the Knicks for KP?!?

Frank Isola reported a few days ago that the Spurs are so in love with Kristaps Porzingis that they'd be willing to trade Kawhi Leonard to the Knicks for KP and the Knicks first round draft pick.

If Isola reported it I don't how true it is but let's say he knows what he's talking about in this story.

The Spurs are dying to get rid of Leonard and feel that shipping him off to New York, where they'd hope that he'd lose for the rest of his career, would be very appealing to the Spurs and coach Pop. But I have one question for the Spurs.

If you love KP so much why do you need the Knicks first round pick also?

I'll tell you why.

They believe, and recent history certainly does back them up, that the Knicks won't be shit next season even with Kawhi so not only would they get a seven footer of their dreams they'd get the pleasure of seeing Kawhi suffer and a lottery pick.

No Pop, Leonard is in his walk year so if I were running the Knicks and couldn't get Kawhi to agree to a new long term contract before the trade I would have no part of this "deal". And you damn sure wouldn't be getting a first round pick too.

But if we could do a one for one deal and Kawhi wants to be here I'd make that deal so fast I'd reverse time.

There is no reason in hell why the Knicks would do that trade and the first round draft pick unless James Dolan is really that fucking stupid. Well, we'll see. We know for certain that Isaiah is still holding him by the waist and whispering into his ear on all matters Knicks.

It's going to be an interesting off season at the Garden after all.

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