Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Now you get it?

Now wait a fucking minute. What the hell did James Dolan say the other day?

“Basketball is different than hockey,” Dolan said. “A great player in hockey is the difference, but a great player in basketball is the team."

What asshole?

It took you damn near a decade and that god awful Carmelo Anthony era for you to finally get it through your fucking head?

What did you think Donnie Walsh was doing?

What do you think I have been saying since the inception of this blog?
Now you get it?

After a book comes out detailing how Isaiah Thomas was behind the scenes working behind Donnie Walsh's back to get you to intervene and screw this team?

I hate this guy so much. Its because of him that I can never cheer for the Knicks again. The divorce is final and he got the team.

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