Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanks for giving up before the game began coach

You can tell when D'Antoni concedes a loss even before the game starts by the starting lineup.

Tonight against the Lakers everyone knew that the Knicks were going to face a steady diet of Bynum and Gasol down low so it only made sense to start Turiaf at the center position so that Amare wouldn't have to wrestle with two beasts in the first half. But D'Antoni had already made up his mind that his team had very little chance of winning and thought (wrongly of course ) that his only chance was to play Shawne Williams and hoped that he could hit some three pointers and pull one of those guys out of the paint. We all know by now that with this coach the three point shot is the answer for all that ails you. Well it didn't work tonight.

Amare only had 5 points in the first half because he and no answer for Bynum's bulk on either end of the court. And Shawne Williams finished the game 8 points. Great move Mike.

Now, I am not saying that starting Turiaf and having Mozgov backing him up at the center position would have gotten the Knicks a victory at all. However it would have done more to neutralize the advantage the Lakers had in the front court and allowed Amare to open his game up offensively thereby giving the Knicks a decent shot at defeating the Lakers.

Thanks for giving up before the game began Mike. Nice job.

The Knicks lose again Lakers 109 - Knicks 87

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