Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's make it happen Donnie

From what I understand the Knicks showed up at an arena in Houston tonight but decided not to play so the Rockets ran circles around them and got a victory.

I also heard that the Russian has broken off talks with the Nuggets so I am sure Donnie Walsh knows that Denver will be open to taking a bag of bagels for Carmelo Anthony right now. But Donnie is a nice man and will probably offer Fields, Gallinari, Curry and one of the two 1st round draft picks he acquires for trading Randolph to a third team. Personally I wouldn't even go after Carmelo.

I would work on getting Marc Gasol and Iguadala which would make the Knicks contenders for the East today. Unfortunately my opinion doesn't matter, except to you nice folks.

Whatever deal you can make Donnie let's make it happen immediately and move forward, I can't watch much more of this.

The Knicks Lose Again Houston 104 - Knicks 89

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