Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Carmelo Anthony did all he could do

Carmelo Anthony had one of the greatest individual playoff games in Knicks history.

After Stoudemire went out with a stiff back Anthony took the weight of the entire team on his shoulders and damn near beat the Boston Celtics single handed with scoring rebounding and assists.

In the final 16 seconds with an opportunity to win Carmelo with the ball in his hands reacted correctly to a double team and found Jared Jeffries under the basket. A layup, a dunk or a pump fake to draw some foul shoots would have put the Knicks in the lead and probably on to a victory.

Anthony assumed that a six feet eleven inch tall professional basketball player standing underneath the basketball was almost guaranteed points. Little did he know he was passing the ball to a gutless, professional basketball player just a pair of Dr. Scholl's short of seven feet tall was too afraid to go strong to the hoop.

Jeffries is quoted as having said that he saw Garnett coming down to him so instead of attempting to get Garnett in the air with a pump fake or one dribble backward to increase his distance away from him he committed the cardinal sign of attempting to pass the ball in the paint in the air which Garnett blocked and stole sealing the victory.

I can only assume that because Jared Jefrries spends so little time in the paint on offense he didn't know that a bounce pass is almost impossible to defend by a moving player in anyway other than kicking the ball. Even kicking it as it's going behind the defender is almost unheard of. Such a pass to Walker, who was cutting to the basket, would have resulted in an easy dunk but Jeffries is the last person you want thinking on the offensive end.

Carmelo Anthony did all he could do and made the correct decision at the end of the game to bad it wasn't Turiaf who received that pass instead of Jeffries.

The Knicks lose again, Celtics 96 - Knicks 93

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